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Flour Tortillas

flour tortillas-blank-2.png

Using our secret recipe, our flour tortillas are always made fresh. Our flour tortillas are unlike what you will get anywhere else, they taste homemade yet don't compromise strength. Perfect for use at home or in a restaurant.

Our flour tortillas are available in the following sizes:


6" - perfect for soft tacos!



12" - great for burritos!


14" uncooked


Our famous uncooked 14" tortillas are baked just enough for you to take them home. Just finish cooking them on a skillet or comal, if you have one big enough! These tortillas have a freshly made taste, just like abuelita used to make.


Whole Wheat Tortillas

blue corn chips-blank.png

Try our good for you whole wheat tortillas available in 6”, 8”, or 12” sizes. These tortillas won’t crack or crumble and are so tasty without the guilt!


Flavored Wraps

blue corn chips-blank.png

Our flavored wraps are a tasty spin on our 12” flour tortillas. Available in Tomato-Basil, Garlic, and Spinach flavors, our flavored tortillas are perfect for your wraps.

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